Speakers come in a variety of configurations, price ranges, and sound timbres. Sometimes you just have to hear the speakers side by side for a comparison. Sometimes you have to hear the speakers in your home.
You can have the audio controls function as simply or be as sophisticated as you want. From wall mounted audio keypads to handheld controls. From Bluetooth to RF to WiFi, there are plenty of choices. What makes sense to you, is our goal with your home system. Call us with all of your questions.
Central Audio Music Systems

Imagine living in a home where lifelike music flowed seamlessly from room to room, outside to decks, patios, and pool areas.

Imagine your favorite music, accurately reproduced by quality built-in speakers that blend into the architecture and surroundings.

Imagine listening to a CD or iPod in the bedroom, while another family member enjoys an FM radio or Satellite radio station in the den; and yet someone else is listening to a second iPod outside on the deck... all at the same time… and all from centrally located equipment in the main listening room.

Imagine the convenience and enjoyment of controlling all of these music sources from any room in the house with attractive wall-mounted touch pads, or wireless remote control.

Imagine your DVD, Satellite Receiver or DVR in your home theater system delivering movies and programs to every TV set in the house... with just the touch of a button.

Now stop imagining and start enjoying! Any of our professionally designed and installed multi-room, multi-source audio/video systems enhances the entire family's lifestyle without infringement upon your design and decor.

We not only draw upon our extensive experience, but also upon our vast selection of dozens of speaker choices... for all budgets, along with select audio and video components and electronics from the world's finest manufacturers.

Speakers are often mounted discretely in ceilings and walls, and can be painted to match the surrounding decor. We even have speakers that are mounted, taped, plastered and painted... becoming totally invisible without compromising performance or audio integrity.

When given a choice, most homeowners will opt to invest in higher quality centrally located audio/video components and distribute their outputs to other desired locations in the house, rather than purchase multiple "mini systems" of lesser quality in an effort to enjoy music in those same areas.

Convenience... Appealing Aesthetics... Versatility... all translate into one meaning; enhanced lifestyle. After living with one of our multi-room systems, we don't believe you could imagine living without one!

Connect your TV room to play the "Big Game" out on the patio. Watch the latest DVDs streaming over the internet on any television. Listen to a radio "simulcast" while watching the video portion on the TV. Integration of several components or systems makes for simple luxury.
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