Keeping it simple means that we don't give you more than you want. We ask questions to determine your security needs. Whether it's a Fire Alarm or a Home or Business Security System, the keypads that you use on a daily basis are designed to be easy to use and have intuitive user prompts.

You are given information to avoid false alarms. You will have a password or code which confirms your authority level to the central station operators.

We can talk you through problems on the phone or answer your questions regarding the system that we installed.

Keeping it simple also means avoiding complicated procedures. Most of our systems require only a few steps to operate.

Our audio / video installations use a universal remote control to turn the entire system on & off. This makes a Custom System feel & operate like the manufacturer put it together in one box, "cable company" and all.

Fire Alarms
Commercial fire alarm systems are required by local codes for various buildings and types of occupancies. We stay current with the local codes and can provide floor plans, system design and complete installation.
Home Security
As your local security system professional, we are trained and certified to design, install and maintain security systems. Call us with all of your questions.

Business Security
Commercial security systems must be
smart, flexible, and adaptable: Smart to provide a combination of intrusion, fire, access control, and both network and cellular monitoring; Flexible to ensure dependable communication between your system and the monitoring service; Adaptable to meet current needs, but later be expanded or modified as your needs change.